The other day I looked at the calendar to help me figure out what themes I might use for my upcoming sessions. That’s when it hit me… It’s already June! I can’t believe that in just a week, my music therapy internship with West Music will be complete.

At first I kind of panicked. “Wait! Where has the time gone? I’m still just a bright-eyed kid with an enormous amount of learning to do, before I could ever dream of being a real music therapist. I’m not ready!” Then I took a deep breath and began to reflect on my time here at West.

January may seem like just yesterday in my mind, but in all honesty, that kid with an enormous amount of learning to do before dreaming of being a therapist, no longer exists. Don’t get me wrong, I will always continue learning, but I am confident that I now have the skills to be a great beginning therapist.

When I came to West Music, I was nervous about doing therapy full time, as I had never known a world in which I had more than a few sessions a week. I remember thinking to myself during the first couple of weeks of observation, “Wow, am I really going to be able to do all of this myself one day?”

It has taken a lot of hard work.  I feel like I learn a new song everyday, but I now find myself very comfortable in all kinds of settings. Whether it’s working with kids one-on-one, leading a large group session with geriatrics, or even creating a group for adults with developmental disabilities, I have the confidence and skills to succeed.

I came to West Music for the diverse clientele and supportive mentorship, and that’s exactly what I found. I get to work with people of all ages, with various needs, in various settings. My internship advisor, well, he is the definition of the word “Pro”. He’s been in the business for a while now.  He really knows how it’s done, and how to teach me what he knows. He pushes me to think about why I do what I do in the therapy space, and how I can improve myself as a therapist. I know I have his support here at West, and wherever my career takes me in the future.

My internship has been a surprisingly quick journey, but the skills and support that I have gained here will last for the rest of my career. What more can a guy ask?

~Music Therapy Intern