The Only Thing Constant is Change

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iPad TrainingTransitions, transitions, transitions. In my personal life I have recently gotten married, my husband got a different job in a different city, I then got a different job (but luckily still at West Music!!), and we went from renting to owning (just this week in fact!). Our lives are full of transitions and this is no different for our clients.

I have taken on a heap of new clients and for the most part they have adjusted beautifully to me coming to see them. The people I am leaving are having a hard time, but I reassure people it is just like in school – you have different teachers every year, and in music therapy you may have different music therapists every year. We don’t always transition our clients, because we develop rapport with them and we don’t want them to digress when they switch. However, this is not usually the case. There is a period of adjustment, and generally then they thrive with that new person. There are fresh ideas, fresh challenges, and the ability to do things in a different way may be just what they need to break a barrier.

In the music therapy business we say, “the only thing constant is change.” This week we are getting new iPads for our whole music therapy team to start using during sessions. We will probably have our struggles with this transition and learning curve as well, but in the end we hope it will make us better, more efficient music therapists so that we can provide the best therapy to our clients.

Keep calm and transition on! – Katey Kooi, MT-BC

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