The Little Drummer Boy as Intervention

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Time for the holidays! I love doing Christmas songs, and so do the clients! Here’s one intervention I enjoy doing every year.

Hand out shape drums and sticks to each client. I like to have some of the same shapes and colors, if the group is big enough. Sing “Little Drummer Boy” with improvised words, telling each client when to play, based on color and/or shape. You can also have time when everyone plays together. An example of lyrics would be, “Let’s hear the green drum play, pa rum pa pum pum…. we’re listening to the rectangle play pa rum pa pum pum…. now let’s hear the yellow drums, pa rum pa pum pum”, etc.

Clients love it, and the mellow  nature of the song balances out some of the energy associated with drumming. It’s also a great way to work on impulse control and pre-reading academic skills. Happy Christmas!

~ Staff music therapist

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