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Summer has been upon us here in Iowa (along with the humidity and sunshine), but today officially marks the Summer Solstice. Typically, I’d be gearing up for whatever summer job I was fortunate to snag but this summer I am working as a board-certified music therapist for the first time. As much as I’ll miss serving customers at Pearl Valley Cheese in Fresno, Ohio, I’m so very excited to plan and execute summer sessions with all of my patients and clients.  Listed below are a few resources I’ve found helpful when searching for songs about summer.

“Best Songs of Summer…”

This link will take you to a list of 100 songs that have been ranked by the editor of, which is stated on the page. What’s great about this page is that it also links you to several others lists, such as, “Greatest Swing Era Songs” or “Greatest Up-tempo Doo-Wop Songs”. As I said, this is not the “be all, end all” list of popular music, but if you’re looking to refresh your repertoire, this might be a great place to start.

…But Billboard says:

While this compilation is 70% smaller than the previous link, it has each song embedded via the Spotify application so you can listen to it right there on the same page. This ranking was based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 and has fun facts about each song that can most likely be incorporated into sessions. Even though I was surprised that Katy Perry’s “California Girls” holds the Number 1 Ranking, it certainly was no surprise that The Beach Boys hold several spots on the list.

Songs for Weather

This link is part of a larger work that is dedicated to teaching through song. In this instance, these songs are written, by various artists, to teach weather patterns and concepts. There is also a “Seasons” section if one is trying to be more specific. While these songs may not be ideal, they can certainly be adapted into summer music therapy sessions or with recreational groups. All of the lyrics are available to view and the music is available for purchase.

I hope you find these links helpful as you plan for your summer music therapy sessions. Don’t forget to take some time for your own self-care and enjoy some of the benefits of the sunshine! This last link (I promise!) is an article from the Harvard Medical School about the health benefits of moderate exposure to sunshine.

~Staff Music Therapist

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