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Being a fan of nature, conservation, and eco-friendly lifestyle choices, I’m pretty excited for Earth Day on April 22! Though I usually don’t do any special sessions, I thought about adding some Earth Day excitement into my music therapy practice this year. When I was brainstorming, here’s what I came up with (think mostly kid’s sessions here).


  • “Beautiful Trees” (from “Sid the Science Kid” on PBS) – importance of planting trees and reducing climate change
  • “All Work Together” by Guthrie – talk about actions to clean our water, air, land
  • “Electric Car” by They Might Be Giants –  fun instrumental ensemble or body percussion
  • “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – name beautiful things about the season/Earth


  • “Earthsong” by Sally Rogers – talk about endangered species
  • “Over in the Meadow” by Ezra Jack Keats – appreciate backyard nature
  • “Curious George Plants a Tree” by Rey – reduce, reuse recycle

There are so many session ideas out there for every age group to celebrate the elements, beautiful parks, etc. Maybe these will inspire you to create a new session plan in honor of Earth Day!
~Staff Music Therapist

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