Integrating the iPad with Music Therapy

//Integrating the iPad with Music Therapy

Alright, I’m a bit lagging in the way of “tech”! After an online iPad CMTE, team training and input, and time using it for other related tasks, I finally started intensively using my iPad in therapy sessions last week. I could definitely see that it was motivating to the students. Some students seemed to overstimulate with the apps and most did not make eye contact with me when it was used.

SoundingBoardFor those who used “LetterSchool” or “SoundingBoard”, I saw the best results. In particular, one student who doesn’t consistently use her iPad well to communicate was able to use “SoundingBoard” successfully to song write. She also used “TableDrum” and seemed really motivated by that, which may be a way to encourage her iPad use for communication in the future.

TableDrumOverall, I could see the benefits of the iPad from a motivational perspective, more than a social interaction one. Personally, I also feel that kids stare at screens enough in life and should probably be encouraged to interact with people whenever possible. Seeing iPads in action in the music therapy session reassured me that we will always have a place in helping people achieve their social communication goals! However, I still intend to improve my own abilities to integrate technology and hopefully use it in a meaningful way for clients in the future. Next up – “OnSong”!

~ Staff Music Therapist

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