Hurry Up and Wait

//Hurry Up and Wait

For those of you in the contractual music therapy world, I’m sure you are very familiar with “Hurry up and Wait”. The thrill of the chase to get the contract signed on the dotted line, to finally getting to implement a program can sometimes take about 3 seconds and other times take YEARS. And undoubtedly there will be some period that is “Hurry Up and Wait”.

  • Hurry up and get background checks submitted = wait days/weeks/months for the State to return those checks.
  • Hurry up and give a presentation to inform staff = wait days/weeks/months for the first referral to come in.
  • Hurry up and get information ready for said population = staff turnover which results in re-educating new staff months later.
  • Hurry up and learn documentation system = system crashes and takes a week to be fixed.
  • Hurry up and hire someone to help with new contract = new contract starts smaller than expected.

This week we have already had several moments of Hurry Up And Wait – and it’s ONLY TUESDAY! We have been waiting for background checks to come in so we can start a new contract. They finally came back last night and now we will be hitting the ground running to get trained in so we can finally start seeing clients (4 months after contact was made and 3 YEARS after the original contract was signed). We also have an amazing opportunity to have our recreational programming featured in a national music magazine, where they gave us 4 days notice that they needed materials! But our staff and participants in these programs are amazing and we have been able to pull it all together! So we can’t “wait” for the article to come out!

Of course, this is all part of the process and is one of the reasons why contractual music therapy can be so fun! So – enjoy the craziness of the hurry up part and savor each part of the wait!

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