Excitement for Changing Seasons!

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I just love fall. The brightly colored trees, the crisp morning air, the crunch the leaves on the ground make under my feet. I find myself appreciating these “little things” even more as I get older. And that’s not to mention football, fall parties, apple cider, hayrides and Thanksgiving! I love fall.

So as a music therapist, how can I bring a little bit of this beauty into sessions? By singing about it of course! Here are some of my favorite fall songs:

  • I Love (Tom T. Hall)
  • Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul and Mary)
  • Rockin’ Robin (Bobby Day)
  • Oh What a Beautiful Morning (From Oklahoma)

With kids, it’s been fun to write or adapt my own songs, incorporating leaves, trick-or-treating or costume parties! Here are some lines as examples from those:

  • Trick or treat, what’s your favorite sweet?
  • When we have a costume party, costume party, costume party…we’ll invite our friends!
  • Red and orange and red and blue, I like leaves; how about you?

This is only a tiny start. How about you? What is your favorite fall intervention or song?

~Lindsay Helmuth, MT-BC

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