SoundReach LogoSoundReach is a community choir for teens and adults of all abilities. We are sponsored by West Music and have four locations in which you can join: Marion, the Quad Cities area (Moline, IL), the Des Moines area (Urbandale), and Coralville.

SoundReach is a fun and welcoming environment in which to make new friends while learning music. We rehearse for 3 – 3½ months and then perform a public concert to show off all of our hard work throughout the SoundReach session!

SoundReach welcomes visitors to our rehearsals, and if you enjoy spending time with us and sharing our music, you can join as a member of SoundReach.


TeenReach Choir is a performance group for teens and “tweens” who have developmental disabilities. We are sponsored by West Music, Inc. at the Marion location.

TeenReach is a non-threatening environment for young people to explore their musical side. We sing and play a variety of rhythm instruments to accompany our songs. Members learn focus and social etiquette as they share together their love of music in this group experience.

TeenReach has weekly rehearsals for 2-3 months, during which time we learn songs that are performed at a public concert where we show off all our hard work. Confidence is gained by successfully accomplishing this very age appropriate and socially normalizing experience.

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Bell Choir is a performance group for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. We are sponsored by West Music and are held in the Coralville and Marion locations.

Bell Choir is a fun environment where members can make new friends while creating music together. Members learn how to play tone chimes, hand-held tubular instruments similar to hand bells, and watch for their turn to play while reading color-coded charts. Being a bell choir member takes focus and teamwork!

We rehearse weekly for approximately two months before holding a public concert to present all our hard work!

“I like people in the class. I like Morgan, the director; and I like making music.”
–Michael, long term bell choir member.

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