Integrating the iPad with Music Therapy

Alright, I'm a bit lagging in the way of "tech"! After an online iPad CMTE, team training and input, and time using it for other related tasks, I finally started intensively using my iPad in therapy sessions last week. I could definitely see that it was motivating to the students. Some students seemed to overstimulate [...]

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The Addition of Technology

Within the world of music therapy tablets have been recognized by some as a therapist’s best friend, and yet other professionals question the appropriate application of this technology to add to rather than detract from sessions. While no session and setting is the same, this is a short sharing about an opportunity for musical engagement and [...]

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The Only Thing Constant is Change

Transitions, transitions, transitions. In my personal life I have recently gotten married, my husband got a different job in a different city, I then got a different job (but luckily still at West Music!!), and we went from renting to owning (just this week in fact!). Our lives are full of transitions and this is [...]

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