The Little Drummer Boy as Intervention

Time for the holidays! I love doing Christmas songs, and so do the clients! Here's one intervention I enjoy doing every year. Hand out shape drums and sticks to each client. I like to have some of the same shapes and colors, if the group is big enough. Sing "Little Drummer Boy" with improvised words, [...]

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Fresh Thanksgiving Interventions

As soon as November comes around, people seem to be already planning for Christmas, but what about Thanksgiving? I have always struggled to think of Thanksgiving interventions, so last year and this year I took some time to research and be creative. Here is a list of Thanksgiving interventions I like to use: Food Glorious [...]

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Excitement for Changing Seasons!

I just love fall. The brightly colored trees, the crisp morning air, the crunch the leaves on the ground make under my feet. I find myself appreciating these "little things" even more as I get older. And that's not to mention football, fall parties, apple cider, hayrides and Thanksgiving! I love fall. So as a music [...]

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Intervention Sharing: Instrument Parade!

October is a fun time of year. The leaves are turning, pumpkins and apples are involved in almost every food and drink, and high schools and colleges are celebrating Homecoming. With Homecoming comes a lot of festivities, and one of the festivities my clients look forward to is the parade. We discussed all the things we [...]

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Songs of Summer

Summer has been upon us here in Iowa (along with the humidity and sunshine), but today officially marks the Summer Solstice. Typically, I’d be gearing up for whatever summer job I was fortunate to snag but this summer I am working as a board-certified music therapist for the first time. As much as I’ll miss [...]

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Play a Drum, Hug a Tree

Being a fan of nature, conservation, and eco-friendly lifestyle choices, I’m pretty excited for Earth Day on April 22! Though I usually don’t do any special sessions, I thought about adding some Earth Day excitement into my music therapy practice this year. When I was brainstorming, here’s what I came up with (think mostly kid’s [...]

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New Song to Try in Summer Music Therapy Sessions

I recently discovered Laurie Berkner, after a client’s family recommended her to me. She has so many great children’s songs and videos! I think music therapists could utilize her music in sessions, as I have been this summer. One of the songs I particularly like is “Walk Along the River”, which you can view below. [...]

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