A Much-Needed Release

This week I was reminded again why I do what I do as a music therapist. An older couple had just moved into a nursing home together from their farm in the past week, and the woman (we'll call her Betty) was in her final days of life on hospice care. As the hospice team [...]

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Music Therapy: Beneficial for the Entire Family

One of the highlights of providing music therapy for hospice patients is the opportunity to hear the role music has played throughout the course of a patient's life.  It seems like everyone has some connection to music - be it singing in the church choir, playing in the school band, or singing songs in the [...]

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A Grieving Music Therapist

Last weekend I received word that my 40 year old nephew, ‘Sam’, had committed suicide. He was a bright, sensitive man who left behind to mourn his loss a 10 year old son, a fiancé, his mother and father, two sisters and a brother ...and me. On Monday I went to work and knew I [...]

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What I’ve learned in the past five years as a Music Therapist

Over the past five years, I have learned a lot and grown a lot as a hospice music therapist. These past couple weeks I have been using less music, and trying to haul less things around. I have started to feel that while the sheet music does serve as a good focal point for you [...]

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