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Hurry Up and Wait

For those of you in the contractual music therapy world, I'm sure you are very familiar with "Hurry up and Wait". The thrill of the chase to get the contract signed on the dotted line, to finally getting to implement a program can sometimes take about 3 seconds and other times take YEARS. And undoubtedly [...]

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Diversity in Music Therapy Settings

On a typical morning I might be using simple phrases such as "First drum, then tambourine" with a 6 year old. Then in the afternoon I am having a full conversation with a 70 year old about their family. I came into this internship in music therapy desiring the diverse experience of working with all populations, [...]

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Intervention Sharing: Instrument Parade!

October is a fun time of year. The leaves are turning, pumpkins and apples are involved in almost every food and drink, and high schools and colleges are celebrating Homecoming. With Homecoming comes a lot of festivities, and one of the festivities my clients look forward to is the parade. We discussed all the things we [...]

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Birthdays, Weddings and Transitioning from Student to MT-BC

When someone has a birthday, people may joke about feeling (or not feeling) a year older. We joke, because in all reality it's not a huge switch from the way we felt the day before. Other events, such as a wedding, involve a more immediate change with the actual event. Whether it's a change of last name or [...]

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The Addition of Technology

Within the world of music therapy tablets have been recognized by some as a therapist’s best friend, and yet other professionals question the appropriate application of this technology to add to rather than detract from sessions. While no session and setting is the same, this is a short sharing about an opportunity for musical engagement and [...]

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The Only Thing Constant is Change

Transitions, transitions, transitions. In my personal life I have recently gotten married, my husband got a different job in a different city, I then got a different job (but luckily still at West Music!!), and we went from renting to owning (just this week in fact!). Our lives are full of transitions and this is [...]

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Tame the Chaos by Organizing Your Materials

One of the things that I love about my job is that I’m not stuck in an office all day, every day. I get to travel to many different places, to see many different types of clients in many different settings. However, this means that my car has basically become my portable instrument closet. Since [...]

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Where Has the Time Gone? Reflecting on my Music Therapy Internship at West Music.

The other day I looked at the calendar to help me figure out what themes I might use for my upcoming sessions. That’s when it hit me... It’s already June! I can’t believe that in just a week, my music therapy internship with West Music will be complete. At first I kind of panicked. “Wait! [...]

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Songs of Summer

Summer has been upon us here in Iowa (along with the humidity and sunshine), but today officially marks the Summer Solstice. Typically, I’d be gearing up for whatever summer job I was fortunate to snag but this summer I am working as a board-certified music therapist for the first time. As much as I’ll miss [...]

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Simple Gifts

As a music therapist I am blessed with the opportunity use what I love (music) to help others in a multitude of ways. The individuals that I work with each day are an inspiration. It is a gift to spend time with these individuals and to share experiences through music together. Sometimes it is easy to get [...]

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