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The Little Drummer Boy as Intervention

Time for the holidays! I love doing Christmas songs, and so do the clients! Here's one intervention I enjoy doing every year. Hand out shape drums and sticks to each client. I like to have some of the same shapes and colors, if the group is big enough. Sing "Little Drummer Boy" with improvised words, [...]

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Fresh Thanksgiving Interventions

As soon as November comes around, people seem to be already planning for Christmas, but what about Thanksgiving? I have always struggled to think of Thanksgiving interventions, so last year and this year I took some time to research and be creative. Here is a list of Thanksgiving interventions I like to use: Food Glorious [...]

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Excitement for Changing Seasons!

I just love fall. The brightly colored trees, the crisp morning air, the crunch the leaves on the ground make under my feet. I find myself appreciating these "little things" even more as I get older. And that's not to mention football, fall parties, apple cider, hayrides and Thanksgiving! I love fall. So as a music [...]

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Integrating the iPad with Music Therapy

Alright, I'm a bit lagging in the way of "tech"! After an online iPad CMTE, team training and input, and time using it for other related tasks, I finally started intensively using my iPad in therapy sessions last week. I could definitely see that it was motivating to the students. Some students seemed to overstimulate [...]

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Partner Scarves

Out of all the movement props I use, scarves make a frequent appearance in my "music therapist bag of tricks." There are just so many things you can do with them! One intervention I love, in particular, is something I call Partner Scarves. I typically use this intervention with my DD groups as well as [...]

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A Much-Needed Release

This week I was reminded again why I do what I do as a music therapist. An older couple had just moved into a nursing home together from their farm in the past week, and the woman (we'll call her Betty) was in her final days of life on hospice care. As the hospice team [...]

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Self Care and the Music-Making Music Therapist

Okay, so I have been tossing around many great ideas for blogs over the past week but there is one event that happened outside of work that I just can't get out of my head so I guess it wins out. Like so many others, I got into music therapy because it combined my passion [...]

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Internship Highlights

I now have just 4½ weeks left of my Music Therapy Internship here at West Music. Here are a few of the highlights I have experienced so far: I decided to bring my violin to my DD sessions the week of St. Patrick's Day. I played Irish jigs, and it was amazing how some of [...]

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I Love My Job!

Sometimes it is easy to take for granted what a rewarding job I have. I share music with people 5 days a week! However, I am doing more than sharing music. Music brings about smiles, laughter, stories, tears and shared experiences. And these experiences are what drive me to continue and are what keeps this [...]

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