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My internship director had a very simple structure that she followed for our adult DD sessions: something moving, something singing, something playing. I have always remembered this and tried to apply it to my sessions because it really seems to work well. I likened it to a recipe. What things do I need to make this recipe taste good? I am a very amateur chef but I do love cooking and exploring different recipes. If I had to make a list of instruments and activities for a successful music therapy session recipe they would include the following:

  • A Hello Song
  • Laurie Farnan’s “Loosen Up” song
  • Egg shakers
  • Song cards with choices
  • Parachute or stretchy band for movement
  • Cool down with the ocean drum
  • Goodbye

This “recipe” has suited me well in planning my sessions. Of course when planning a dinner party you often pick a theme and cater your meals around that. We do the same during music therapy sessions. Some themes are harder to stick to than others, but that is part of why we do what we do – we enjoy the challenge of making a theme relating to something as obscure as bumblebees or as broad as winter! Making sure your “pantry” is stocked with things to add into a basic recipe will ensure your sessions have even more success. Throw in a vibraslap, stir xylophone, quack stick, and a steel drum and you have a very interesting “recipe.”

~Katey Krull

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